Suburbium at the 17th Street Musicians Festival (September 1-3, 2017) in Lower Town of Petrovaradin Fortress

At the 2nd Conference "Traffic in the Lower Town of Petrovaradin Fortress / From Local to Regional" organized by Suburbium participants were from Serbia and Hungary

Topics and participants

Katarina Maksimov, Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Novi Sad: Causes and Consequences of Traffic Solutions - Practice and Experience of the Conservator

Aleksandar Stanojlović, Pančevo Jugocikling Campaign: Traffic Heritage Petrovaradin Fortress - Active, Abandoned and Reactivated Corridors

Vuk Bogdanović, Novi Sad, FTN, Traffic Engineering Department: Bridges of Novi Sad - Traffic on the Danube coast

Miodrag Đukić Dugi, Novi Sad, Vojvodina Railway Society: Traffic in Petrovaradin Fortress / Past, Present, Future

Gordana Karović, Underwater Archaeologist, Museum of Science Technique, Belgrade: On the Danube below the Petrovaradin Fortress - Sailing through centuries

Sandor Palfi, Budapest, University of Technology and Economics, Urban Conflicts of Heritage and Traffic (the case of traffic in Budapest on the Danube coast)

Darko Reba, Marina Carević, Ranka Medenica Novi Sad, FTN, Department of Architecture and Urbanism: Danube as potential for small towns with great stories - the area of ​​Vahau, Austria

Majda Sikošek, Art Historian, Belgrade, Blog Beauty of Life: Homo viator - Gradić and similar places