International symposium CULTURAL/ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE RENEWAL – ASPECTS, EXAMPLES, LESSONS, Assembly of Vojvodina, 2 – 4 May 2007. Participants were from Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia. Alarming condition of The Petrovaradin Fortress with its Lower Town, as a cultural and historic monument from XVIII century, was a reason for the international and multidisciplinary meeting to screen a current situation in the Southeastern/Central Europe: a) what generally have been renewed b) what is in a state of renovation c) renovation ways of the architectural heritage. Participants:Saša Brajović and JelenaErdeljan  from University of Belgrade, arch Aleksandar Stanojlović, Pančevo, archChristiane Feuerstein, Office for architecture and research, Vienna, Ivana Prijatelj-Pavičić University of Split,
Aleksandra Kapetanović, EXPEDITIO, Montenegro, Stjepan Lončarić Institute for Protection of the Cultural Monuments, Zagreb,  Olga Kovačev Ninkov  Museum of Subotica, Janja Ranogajec, University of Novi Sad, Vlatko Bosiljkov Section for Earthquake Enginery National Building and Civil Engineering Institute, Ljubljana,
Slobodanka Babić Institute for Protection of the Cultural Monuments of the Novi Sad, arch Radivoj Dinulović, University of Novi Sad, Ljiljana Kosanović, head of Cooperative “Earth”, Novi Sad. Collection of esseys in native languages of participants and summaries in English was published.
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