International Conference “Fortresses of Tomorrow“ supported by Central European Initiatives (CEI) was held at the facilities of the Art Association Inbox associated with civil organization Suburbim during 19.

From June to December 2016, we presented parts of immovable heritage in Serbia, or our heritage in other countries in the form of an essay / comic / watercolors.

International Conference: Industrial Heritage in the Context of New Creative Space for Cultural and Economic Development

SUBURBIUM initiate a new project (on November, 2014) by setting up Korzo - Portal for urban culture and heritage.

The Conference “City Spirit in Pedestrian Zone” was held on September 25th 2013. at Vojvodina Museum in Novi Sad, organized by SUBURBIUM.

Project „The Heritage of Vojvodina – Development Sites” (Jun/September 2012)

Photo exhibition – Lower Town as en forgotten city. Authoress: Kaca Lazukic Ljubinkovic

The project "The Hidden Treasures of Lower Town of Petrovaradin Fortress" was held during EXIT ...

On April 8th 2011. a presentation of booklet „Is Gradic on Facebook – The Lower town...

Illustrated panoramic 3D map of Sremski Karlovci

IN VIVO – „Sculpture as an element of urban landscape“, April 20th to April 30th 2010. International Sculpture Symposium

For the first time Petrovaradin Fortress on the interactive CD

The 6th Meeting/workshop of the SEE Heritage Network

Suburbium is the author of the project “Vojvodina little Europe” (January/April 2009)

The play about Savka Subotić, a woman who fought for the emancipation of women in the 19th century

International sculpture symposium ”The Danube and the tree as a heritage – urban experiment in vivo”, April 2009

Illustrated panoramic map of the heritage of Serbs’ who lived in Hungarian town Szentendre from 17th century

Projects „Sculpture as a Forgotten Urban Provocation“ and „Monumental Sculpture in Open Space“


“Lady’s dinner” - Jana Bančić -Mihić, Zorana Đaković (ceramic) and Romana Knežević(jewlery), exhibition in Cafe Gallery „Dublin“.

The book „Petrovaradin’s Community 1702 – 1849“ by Slobodan Radovanović (2006) was presented at the Archives of Vojvodina.

Novi Sad – The Art Stage The exclusive time for the project “Novi Sad – The Art Stage“ was from 9 pm to 1 am...

A publication "The forgotten cities - Pančevo and Petrovaradin", where the devastation of valuable heritage is shown in the text, photographs and drawings...

The project “Let’s Talk European!”, financed by European Agency for Reconstruction (EU) had been realized in 2005, from June to September.

A collection of photographs by Stevan Lazukić and essays written about the town for this book...

The first modern 3D map of Lower Town of Petrovardin fortress, and a 3D map of the Petrovaradin...

The architect Ranko Radović supported the establishment of SUBURBIUM

SUBURBIUM began working in December 2002. Unique woven items were exhibited in the presence of there’s designers from the Novi Sad weaver’s Association