The project “Let’s Talk European!”, financed by European Agency for Reconstruction (EU) had been realized in 2005, from June to September.
Module I
„Let’s Talk European“ - “Concert of Awakening “ in the Art gallery “Likovni krug”,
Petrovaradin Fortress.
Module II
Painting workshop “Europe – my world”.
The practicum, located in “Dublin” Cafe Gallery in the Lower town of Petrovaradin Fortress (Novi Sad), got together a group of 15 high (secondary) school students from The design School “Bogdan Šuput”, professor Snežana Berić, moderator Mia Stojanović and three volunteers from Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization. The intention was to create images, wall hanging size, inspired by photos of typical symbols from Italy, Austria, Great Britain, France and Spain. Easy recognizable symbols had been shown – Eiffel Tower, Big Ben etc, dance (flamenco, waltz), habits (Spanish bullfight arena, gondoliers), national dishes and drinks (Vienna cakes i.e.). Drawings were exhibited in the “Dublin”Cafe Gallery for three months, during the project.
Module III
“Culture expands horizons and unites, isn’t it?”
- Mihal Ramač (Petrovaradin): Multiculturalism as the bridge on the road to Europe;
- Ph.D. Nada Zgrabljić (Zagreb): Positive European Media Laws;
- Ph.D. Zeljko Vučković (Novi Sad): Cautious humanity of the Middle Europe;
- M.Sc. Silvia Dražić (Novi Sad): Balkans as a cultural stereotype.