Goal: affirmation of the urban Vojvodina environment using several existing pedestrian zones, and presenting ideas for their improvement by introducing new content, or improving those that have the landmark status, but are forgotten. Subotica, Bela Crkva, Pancevo and Petrovaradin serve as examples of what could be achieved through comparative analysis of cultural and urban planning, both here and in European towns with similar heritages. Not to mention the general historical elements of its creation; of the contemporary interventions in pedestrian zones...
We have shown that human eternal need for presence in an open public space, can be realised in urban pedestrian zones, with planned cultural content that appeal to all age and education categories of the citizens. This has been the case since ancient times and Agora in Ancient Greece , to the Speaker’s Corner in London’s Hyde Park, to town squares nowdays. These spaces incite freedom of movement, communication and express public opinion, generally contributing to transparent, democratic society.
The participants were greeted by the CEO of the Vojvodina Museum, Dr Agneš Ozer. The Conference was attended by the vice-president of Government of Vojvodina, the secretary for culture and public information Slavisa Grujić (the project was funded by this Secretariat).
Introductory presentations:
Dr Viktorija Aladzic, assistant professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering Subotica – Secession in the pedestrian zone
Ivana Ristic Huber, ethnologist and anthropologist, Bela Crkva – Promenade in Bela Crkva
Bojana Karavidic, political sciences – The Under-town of Petrovaradin Fort – awakening of a pedestrian town
Aleksandar Stanojlovic, Pancevo – Similarities and differences between the pedestrian zones in Vojvodina
Dr Darko Reba, visiting professor in FTN in Novi Sad – Ground floors as energy for pedestrian movement
Prof Dr Dusan Marinkovic, sociologist – Right to a town
Mr Ivana Volic, independant researcher in tourism and culture – Planning based on culture – combining disciplines in creating the spirit of a town
During the event a Calender containing photos of the four towns by Kaca Lazukic Ljubinkovic, was promoted.