International sculpture symposium ”The Danube and the tree as a heritage – urban experiment in vivo”, April 2009, Novi Sad. Six sculptors took part on the first sculpture symposium held in Novi Sad. Heiko Börner and Christophoros Venetikidis from Germany, Emil Bachiyski  from Bulgaria, Borislav Šuput, Andreja Vasiljević – Baćo and Miodrag Perić from Serbia worked to create monumental sculptures in wood, in the atelier under the open sky, on the Strand, one of the most beautiful beaches on the Danube. The round table „Games with City“ was held the last day. Participants were director of  Public utility company “CITY PARKS" Snežana Repac (the author of the project), sociologist Dušan Marinković, architect Lazar Kuzmanov, art historian Radmila Savčić, drama writer Ivan M. Lalić, responsible in the Municipality of Pančevo for the culture Snežana Baralić. The Vice President of the Municipality of Novi Sad Marija Vrebalov opened the discussion. A booklet was published.